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Burned Plug Replacement Sacramento

Burned Plug Replacement Sacramento

Looking for burned plug replacement in Sacramento? Fuller Electric is there to provide expert assistance.

Are you getting a pungent burning smell when you come near to the wall socket or plug? Or have you noticed some discoloration on the sides of plug holes?


If all or any of the answers is on the positive side, then you must immediately stop using those plugs, switch off power to the board, and call for a professional burned plug replacement in Sacramento.

Burned Plugs are just the tip of the iceberg


Sure one or two burned plugs may not seem like much and with other things in mind it is quite easy to chalk this up to the DIY list, to be tended to in the free time.

This is a very serious mistake and must be avoided at all costs.


The main cause of a burned plug or wall socket is the exposure to over heating due to high surge of electricity called overloading. Overloading is a hazard and can cause serious damage like electrical fire or electrocution due to faulty wiring or damaged plugs. When encountered you should always seek professional assistance and call an electrician for burned plug replacement in Sacramento. 

We are the best at what we do


Fuller Electric have been providing exceptional and prolific electrical service in and around Sacramento and have left behind many satisfied clientele. From changing the circuit breaker to rewiring the entire household, replacing a burnt socket to upgrading electric panels we are a full service electrical assistance provider with great reviews and ratings from our past users. So from electric hazard repair or burned plug replacement in Sacramento, Fuller Electrics are the one to go to.