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Circuit Breaker Installation Sacramento

Circuit Breaker Installation Sacramento

Fuller Electrics offers best Circuit Breaker Installation in Sacramento


Circuit breakers are the line of defence against potential electric hazards like sparks, fires and possible electrocution due to exposure to electricity from faulty overloaded appliances. As they are so significant, the presence of a circuit breaker is common and a necessity. If you have bought an old property chances are the circuit breaker might not be installed or is just plain old and faulty. In cases like that it is best to have an electrician for circuit breaker installations in Sacramento.

Why do circuit breakers trip?

As the circuit breaker protects appliances from overloading, it is not actually a bad thing for them trip. Truly when a circuit breaker trips it actually is doing what it is intended to do. Still sometimes they may not be so harmless and the situation calls for a professional assistance.


The most common cause for tripping of circuit breakers. When the whole electrical system overloads the circuit breaker trips to stop the electricity from overheating and damaging the appliances.

Ground fault

Ground fault surges can cause your circuit breaker to trip and can be addressed by the presence of discoloration in the outlet where the breaker was assigned. Ground fault surges are caused by the meeting of hot wire and ground wire.

Short Circuit

When the hot wire meets the neutral wire short circuit takes place. The circuit breaker trips to avoid electrical fire  due to high surge of electricity through the circuit. The breaker generally gets damaged and needs professional  circuit breaker installations in Sacramento.

In the event that you have any sort of electrical fire or different genuine electrical issue, at that point it’s presumable you have no circuit breakers set up, or they are flawed. If so, at that point they should be fixed or checked by professionals for Circuit breaker installations in Sacramento. Inability to do so can bring about lost effects, harm to the property or more terrible, a genuine mishap.