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Lighting Repair Sacramento

Lighting Repair Sacramento

Searching for Professional Lighting repair in Sacramento? Look no further than Fuller Electrics


Is your Antique lighting system not working properly of late? Or is your current lighting system in your property needs and re-haul and you are looking to install a whole new set? Or perhaps it is your chandelier that needs and little upkeep and small repair and restoration operation?

If any of the answers to the above questions leans towards a yes, then you should get in touch with Fuller Electrics, the best provider of lighting repair in Sacramento.


We are the experts whether it is repair, installation or restoration of lighting unit or a whole system.

At Fuller Electrics we offer a we provide a plethora of repair, installation or upkeep administration for a wide range of household and commercial lighting solutions ranging from fixing a single lamp or chandelier to installing a full-fledged lighting system for a huge property. From table lights to crystal fixtures our certified and highly experienced master electricians and experts have all the information required to take your preferred lighting unit or chandelier back to its ideal working condition. We have a left behind a bevy of satisfied and happy clientele of our lighting repair in Sacramento.


Our Lighting repair and Restoration services include:

  • Chandelier repair and restoration
  • Lamp or chandelier rewiring and repining
  • Lamp repair and exotic lamp restoration
  • Crystal cleaning, repair and restoration
  • Light and lamp alterations and upgrades
  • Removal or re-installation of lighting and chandelier
  • Antique lighting repair and cleaning
  • Lighting systems installations and upkeep


We can arrange enormous load of antique lighting parts and extra small lighting parts from our contractors or craftsmen throughout USA. Our specialists are extremely knowledgeable about rebuilding and will consistently locate the most ideal approach to accomplish an effective restoration and repair of even the most damaged lighting unit or system.