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More often than not electrical outlets in the household will truly just wear out, as they have frequent usage and go through considerable wear and tear due to that. On the off chance that  outlet spark when used or remains continually warm or gives any indication of darkening around the fittings or even foul burning smell, you should immediately stop usage.

Some reasons why an outlet may malfunction

The electrical outlet in your home may malfunction for many reasons. Some are simple and can be fixed by flipping a switch like fixing a tripped circuit breaker while others need professional and expert touch from electricians providing Outlet Repair in Sacramento.

Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker

One of the most common reason of malfunctioning outlets, where there no visible damage itself to the outlet, is a fuse that has blown or a tripped circuit breaker. In that case all you have to do is check with the circuit breaker panel and fix accordingly by flipping the switch

Burned out or blocked outlet

Sometimes the outlet may spark upon trying to use, which can be caused by melted insulation on the wires. A burned out outlet will have a blackening around itself and in some case will give out foul smell. Another issue is blocked out outlet, which can be caused by factors such as protective shutters blocking the plug or some other physical obstruction. In cases like these it is highly imperative that you get in touch with professional Outlet Repair in Sacramento.

Overloaded outlet

Another common household issue is the overloaded outlet. If you try to use multiple appliances through a single outlet, it can cause overload and deal damage to the outlet itself. It can cause the circuit breaker to trip as well.


Stab wiring is still in usage and is applied on outlets all over Sacramento. Backstabbed wiring is caused by wiring that has been pushed back into the connectors used to originally grip and hold the wiring inside the outlet. In case of the occurrence of this problem, you should get in touch withOutlet Repair in Sacramento

Outlets are anything but difficult to supplant, but since electrical work can be so risky, it’s prescribed that you leave most fixes to expert electrician for Outlet Repair in Sacramento. On the off chance that you don’t close down the correct outlet, it could bring about genuine injury or improper installation can bring about serious damage such as electrical fire.